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Konstantine Zakzanis

Abnormal Psych Lec 1  Defining abnormal behaviour o o Personal distress o Violation of norms  Although violation of a norm today may not be a violation of a norm a year ago o Behaviour must threaten or make anxious the person observing it o Disability or dysfunction  Important difference between impairment and disability  When it doesn’t affect their ability to engage in the activities of daily living, they are not impaired o Unexpectedness  The distress and the disability of the behaviour are unexpected.  Irrational/abnormal thought processes o Field is always evolving, it is not possible to offer a simple definition of abnormality o No two patients are the same  History of abnormal psych o Early demonology  Treated with exorcisms and shit  Treppening – make the body and mind as uncomfortable as possible, trying to get the “demon” to leave the body o Persecution of “witches”  Aka the mentally ill o Eventually, there were too many patients with psychological disorders  Created asylums  Insulin therapy put patients in comas  Wetshock made people sweat and drool  Dryshock made people have full brain seizures  Glucose brings people out of comas  Metrosol therapy also puts people in seasure  Lobotomy, cutting connection between frontal lobes and cortex of the brain  Franz Joseph Gall o Realised certain people excelled at certain abilities  Made a theory about the size of subjects’ heads  Decided “bigger” part of the brain meant better o Came up with phrenology  Establish relationship with what goes on in the mind and behaviour  Cre
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