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Chapter 1 Psychopathology: concerned nature and development of abnormal behavior, thoughts - remain objective - difference what is appropriate to talk and productive to define it Abnormal behavior: stats infrequency, violation of norms, personal distress, disability (disfunction), unexpectedness Stats Infrequency - not frequent in general pop - normal curve: majority of people in middle - few people at extreme - person does not deviate from average in trait - EX: IQ below 70: mental retardation - Average 100 - few infrequent behaviors diagnosed as abnormal - exception singing abilities not abnormal Violation of Norms: - makes anxious those observing it - Anti Social; - relative concept Personal Distress behavior great distress in person some disorders dont cause distress: psychopath Disability or Dysfunction disability: impairment in some important are of life Unexpectedness - unexpected response to to environmental stressors Mental Health Professions clinicians: various professions authorized provide psych services clinical psych: Ph.D or Psy.D.; 3 to 7 years grad study Canada: regulation psych profession = provinces regulate it Agreement Internal Trade (ITA) = agreement between provinces 1) Interpersonal relationships 2) Assessment and evaluation 3) Intervention and consultation 4) Research 5) Ethics PHh.d psych: laboratory, research design, stats, empirically study of human/animal be- haivor - research/dissertation - Ph.D clinical psych: - assessment: find = what wrong person; what cause problem; what steps taken to im- prove - diagnosis: determine patient symptoms or problems indicates diagnosis - must learn psychotherapy: verbal means of helping troubles people change thoughts, feelings, behavior reduce distress/ achieve greater life satisfaction - based scientist practitioner model - Psy.D = emphasis clinical practice - scholar-practitioner model - psychiatrist: MD degree + post grad training = residency = supervision in practice of di- agnosis and psychotherapy - physical examinations, diagnose medical problems - prescribe Proactive Drugs: chemical compounds influence how people feel and think - psychoanalyst: received specialized training at psychoanalytic institute - MD and psychiatric residency; Take upto 10 years Social Worker: MSW counselling psychologists: similar graduate training = less emphasis on research and more severe forms of psychopathology Psychiatric nurse: specializes mental health field 12.5 consulted psychologist one or more times in previous year Issues: psychologists prescribing psychoactive drugs History of Psychopathology - before: regarded as supernatural Demonology: devil dewell within person = control his mind/body - exorcism: casting out evil spirits by ritualistic changing or torture - Trepanning: surgical opening by some instruments - treating disorders or done relieve pressure from depressed fractures ? Somatogenesis: something wrong with body = disturbs thought psychogenesis : disturbances have psych origins Hippocrates: mental disorders = mania, melancholia, phrenitis mental health depends: 4 humors = blood, black bile, yellow bile, phlegm Imbalance: disroders sluggish/ dull = excess phlegm melacholoia = excess blach bile irritability and anxiousness = excess yellow bile change temperament: excess blood - physical imbalance Persecution of Witches - Persecution of witches: Pope Innocent VII = obsessed with withces - Clergy: Malleu Maleficarum ( witches hammer) - Witches have to confess: accused witchcraft to be tortured if they did not confess - convicted and tortured: executed - Mentally ill: considered witches - From 13th century on: cities increase = hospitals founded = mad kept - lunacy trials = determine persons sanity = strange behavior = physical illness Asylums leprosariums into - asylums: confined and care of mentally ill Priory of St. Mary of Bethlehem: confinement of mentally ill = conditions bad bedlam: became attractions Benjamin Rush: practising medicine; father American Psychiatry = conditions caused by excess of blood = lunatics cured by frightened Moral Treatment Philippe Pinel: movement for human treatment of mentally ill
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