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Konstantine Zakzanis

 Alcohol dependence: Presence of withdrawal and tolerance, out of control, daily binge, fails to meet the activities daily living, depressed and anxious, physically weak, lack of calories and vitamins, mentally slow, restless(poor sleep)  Delirium tremens: Withdrawal, disoriented, tactile hallucination, visual hallucination, feverish, E.G.: LCBO staff  Polydrug abuse: tobacco 80-85%, synergistic effect dangerous (anxiolytic), downer, death.  Prevalence: 20% men and 8% women,  Comorbidity: when another disorder presents, the likelihood of relapse is greater  Course of the disorder: no single pattern or cause of alcohol abuse; incident rate of alcohol abuse drops dramatically by the age of 30: career, family, children, independent.  Short-terms of alcohol: social ability grows, confident, laugh more, and slur speech, cognitive difficulty, and black out, fall asleep, biophysics affect. Dehydration, alcohol stimulating, the blood alcohol level rising, peek, decline feel the negative emotion: fatigue, tiredness, upset Depend on 5 factors: a. The alcohol level of concentration, blood stream will dictate what you feel b. Depend on amount ingested in a particular period of time c. Absence of food in the stomach, retain the alcohol and reduce its absorb rate d. The size of person’s body e. The efficiency of the liver, breaking down the alcohol content  Long-term effect of prolonged alcohol abuse: a. Biological: cirrhosis of the liver b. Cognitive impairment: wernicke-korsakoff syndrome---deficiency of vitamin, severe Memory disorder, c. Emotional impairment: depression, stress anxiety  Marijuana: Effects of marijuana  Psychological effects: amount of THC in the marijuana, size of the dose Elevated sense of humor, scared, panic, paranoid, Small doses: relaxed and sociable Large doses: how slow time felt, rapid shifts of emotion(laughing to paranoid), dull attention , impaired memory, fragmente
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