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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 – Lecture 1 – September 11 2012  Course outline on intranet  Study guide – highly recommended - similar multiple choice questions in exam  If discussed in class, know very well what’s written on the subject in the text  Exams non-cumulative  Email TA about missing an exam  October 9 – First Exam  Non-cumulative exams  Chapter 1: Definitional and Historical Considerations  Definition of Abnormal Behaviour –  Statistically infrequent behaviour – not necessarily abnormal  Personal distress may also be used as a definition – not everyone exhibiting abnormal behaviour is in distress  Violation of a norm – also a kind of criteria but not a complete definition because a norm is a relative concept – depends on time and place of culture etc. e.g. homosexuality used to be considered a disorder, women not being allowed to vote was once a norm.  When disability becomes an impairment to a person’s ability to function – criteria for abnormality also  Unexpectedness – the distress and the disability that is unexpected – another criteria for abnormality  No simple definition of abnormality – all these different criteria may or may not encompass abnormal behaviour  No two patients are the same  Careers in psychology  History of Abnormal Psychology: Historically, supernatural events were attributed to angry gods and possession by demons. One attempt to get rid of demons was by drilling holes into a person’s skull – trepanning – thought to make the demon leave the body. Testing people to see if they were witches – water test – if person drowned they were normal and if they survived they were a witch and were beheaded. (The first psychological test, even if it was a no win situation)  READ CHAPTER FOR MORE DETAILS  Mental Institutions – deplorable conditions in the past. Institutions were named in horrific ways.  History of Treatment – video clip  Developments in Psychology – Franz J
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