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Konstantine Zakzanis

rdPSYB32Lecture 6Oct 23 2012Nancys Story First symptoms insomnia rapid thought increased heart rate phobia for darkness started taking sleeping pillsSuicidal desires after two weeks of insomnia After 4 weeksfantasizing about different ways to dieNeed to die felt biological like a need for food and water overpowered all urges Only interested in how other people died She was scared about the pain and suffering associated with death Overdosed on 60 sleeping pillslost consciousness woke up completely paralyzedRushed to hospitalpills werent lethal no permanent damageDischarged after 3 days Final high school exams felt like she had no mental capacity to study A lot of people in her school knew about her depression Received a lot of negative responses even friends began to feel less compassionParents were severely stressed Dad couldnt work because he had to watch her and her Mom had to work as many hours as possible and still couldnt sleep Wasnt able to function mentally at allReached a point where she even felt like she wanted to kill her Dad because he was always around to try and protect herPeople on the street thought she was a SARS patient because she was so gauntMade her more suicidalHer Dad witnessed her first suicide attemptjumped from a balconyhe developed PTSD Landed on her backbroke her spinal cord in the lumbar area No longer was able to walk Regrets that she didnt die Hospitalized put on a lot of medicationsWas able to sleep Physical symptoms of depression were dramatically reducedFelt now that depression was treatable Used to be very neurotic As a childintroverted shy cried easilyVery sensitive to caffeine A lot of phobiasspiders rodents cockroaches darkness First relationship ended after a monththen got first symptoms of depression Because she was vulnerable to any stressful event in her life it hit her hard at the time Depression can be more physical than emotional and vice versaMental illness is very subjectvery hard to monitor and detectShe feels that patients are the only ones who can help themselvesLukes Story Has major depression Very low lows off his medication Grew up in a wealthy educated family Different from the stereotype 1 in 10 people have some type of mood disorder
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