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Lecture 5

week 5 pt 2 Cognitive Development - Piaget - new.pdf

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Mark Schmuckler

Cognitive DevelopmentPiaget IWhat is cognitive development ADefinition of cognition BThe structuralfunctional approach CThe information processing approach IIPiagets theory of cognitive development ABackground BPiagets theory 1Cognitive equilibrium 2Cognitive schemata aBehavioral sensorimotor schemata bSymbolic schemata cOperational schemata 3How do schema develop aOrganization bAdaptation Assimilation and accomodation IIIPiagets stages of cognitive development AProperties of stages 1Invariant developmental sequences 2Hierarchical relations among stages BSensorimotor intgelligence 1The six stages of sensorimotor intelligence 2Imitation and object permanence CPreoperational period 1Preconceptual period aEmergence of symbolic function bAnimism transductive reasoning and egocentrism 2Intuitive period DConcrete operational period EFormal operational period Definition of cognition Cognition Refers to act of knowing Concerned with the mental processes by which knowledge is acquired elaborated stored and retrieved Attention to the world Perception of the world Learning thinking remembering and so onCognitive development Changes that occur in mental skills and abilities over time
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