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Zachariah Campbell

Lec 9 Feb. 18 Chapter 10 Prompting and Transfer of Stimulus Control ex. Hitting a homerun - is the whole thing target behaviour = swinging a bat discriminative stimulus = presence of a ball prompting – an antecedent stimulus or event that controls a response Response Prompts gestural prompts – gestures (pointing, etc), gestural, modeling and verbal ex. Where teacher can use modeling to teach a behaviour - kid learning to play baseball - physical prompts – going through motions - modeling prompts – if the kid is standing and teacher went over to the batters box and performed a movement in their vicinity -> child is watching you do that - verbal prompts – anything you can say to help them initiate behaviour stimulus prompts – involve change in antecedent stimulus; - within stimulus prompts : alterations to the SD or Sdelta - extra-stimulus prompts – something added Fading – need to remove reliance on response gradual removal of a prompt while the response has to occur in presence of the natural stimulus OR the gradual change over successive trials of a stimulus that controls a response so that the response eventually occurs to a partially change or completely new stimulus Transfer of Stimulus Control prompt fading – gradual removal of a response prompt - ex. Helping child move the bat in the right positions when they are putting in in the w
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