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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

LEC 3 - CHAPTER 2 BM=behavior modification Inc=increase Diff=different Num=numbers Pple=people Time sampling is not repreasentive or accurate but pragmatic treatment whether it is post line or baseline. IF you are recording then you create a form to measure a behavior. It makes it easier to make recording for given individual. IF it’s a frequency the main potatoes are dates and possible instances of behavior. We sometimes have an on/set off set of opportunities instead of dates (duration form) Specific form used for certain behavior Interval data sheet- 30sec interval, broken into diff rows. Total 25 min of observation. You can take a look at 23 instances within a time period. This is not the greatest way but you can capture all info. Other ways to record behavior are gold stroke counters, stop watching and coin transfers. Regardless of procedure, two general considerations: practical and conspicuousness. Conspicuousness – pple will behave diff if they know somebody is observing them. You don’t want any other source of influence on behavior. If you are measuring Stuart and he becomes less disruptive; it’s a good thing but there is no accurate baseline hence it’s not a preferred method. While, putting num down in implementing exercise behavior inc that particular behavior (self monitoring) and it is desirable. Measuring behavior in a covert fashion -> having somebody recoding when client not paying attention e.g. two way mirror. IOR – measuring the Stuart behavior; two pple record the same behavior in a given period and then the instances in which they are accurate is IOR.
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