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Konstantine Zakzanis

Punishment shud only occur as it is needed. If you are using punishment, this shud be ur last resort. This can have harmful effect: eg.. Injury to skin or tissue. In terms of ethical issue, you have to have the consent to sign from guardian or the adult. Despite the fact, these alternative behavior might not be effective you shud present them. If the problem sufficiently sever to actually warned the punishment intervention. But that doesn’t mean that you use it for everything. We have guideline to use every type of punishment. Ex . Institution rotenburg center- huge staff was involved. All these ppel are used these devices GED etc. peer review board is imp as well. A number of individual participate and see if your approach is sound and whether the procedure shud be implemented. Child eating chips. They are been observed by hospital medical staff. They see that these kids re putting things in their mouth. One child put lego in their mouth and some suck their thumb. The individual inside hospital don’t want the behavior to still occur in its natural environment. Depending on where the person is . You wanna create a reinforcing environment including praise. You have to have context to do it. You can have the praising environment. You have to address the problematic behavior. You imaging the child put the chip in the mouth, you stop this kid by holding his hand, this is called response interruption. You are stopping at right brief mode. So you have to be diligent to catch that behavior. You have to hold the arms so this is very punishing procedure. You necessary cant articulate. What are ABC’s here? A = presence of chips B=bringing to the mouth C = sensation of putting in mouth. With the intervention -> A = blocking the person’s mouth B= holding the person physically C= that would be aversive for the kid. Chapter 19 You respond the same way as other. If object is similar enough, they are gonna name both of those object same . A child learning to speak, if he sees the big dog and a small dog, would he call both the dog? Not necessarily, bcz they are still learning. so how the generalization occurs. Make sure the target behavior occur in natural envionrment. E.g abduction . We don’t know if the person is gonna respond really that way after the intervention, individual with mental disability. You need to keep things in mind. Response generalization – someone could learn before how to approach the opposite sex. She will might thing that he is cute. So she is not only using the generalization but adapting at the same time. Assertiveness training & learning to play how to catch the football. This training is usually happening in separate environment. E.g if Maria goes to the office and the intervention is not generalized, it’s not working. Just bcz you catch a football when dad throws it. This doesn’t mean that he is the quarter back in the game, diff throwing style, trajectory & speed. A metropolinitaria – you wanna train skills that come in natural environment – meaning you want the person to use the skills learned in the class to a broader and to solicit reinforcement. Ex child wants to get the reinforcement: you can get them to solicit the reinforcement and do it in more pro social fashion. If you have the opportunity to modify the environment , you can really improve somebody’s behavior. You can get the people to interact for a better. Ex willy makes sexist comments when a women ask him to clean up the room. Ther natural continge
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