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Konstantine Zakzanis

Lec 21 Threshold is more for some pple . some can scratch more hair than others. 1) The person telling you about environment makes this behavior become secondary to. Otherwise habit reversal behavior becomes impossible to erase. 2) Once acknowledge, you come up with some sort of competing response, e.g trichotillomania you can make that person put hands in pockets. Why would somebody pull the hair out? Usually it is the attention that they are gaining. You need something invasive (deep in the persons psychic so why they do it?). 3) Consistent use of competing response. 4) Social support v. imp for children. They need parents to guide them to stop. If you are living just alone, it is hard to control on these behavior 5) Sometime it is very complicated you need CDT. Most pple have complicated background. Treatment 6) We can have the alarm put on the person. As soon as it goes off, in awareness device, it signals specially in intellectual disability, it makes them aware. 7) Self administer therapy – elastic band on wrist and engaging in pulling it will hurt. This will in long run co hoarse. You associate a thought with a negative behavior. Your brain won’t let you do that again. You can intervene at sub conscious level. 8) As soon as you start to monitor your behavior, it goes down. 9) As soon as u quantifiable behavior you wanna reach, u start doing it. 10) CBT – cognitive behavior therapy – it requires a lot of effort on the part of the person. Habits are inconvenient and annoying. The person has to reach that threshold where it is pass over. It is imp to establish a motivation in the person. Make them think about all the behaviors they have engaged in . Chapter 22 If students are not
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