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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 16: Antecedent Control Procedures Also called antecedent manipulations Antecedent stimuli are manipulated to evoke desirable behaviours, so that they can be differentially reinforced and to decrease undesirable behaviours that interfere with the desirable behaviours. Example: getting Marianne to study more, decided on a plan o Appropriate S = studying at a desk by herself with her books on the desk in a quiet location. Plan out study time and schedule. Arranging study sessions with a friend, which is a response prompt. Example: getting Cal to eat right D o Appropriate S = bought healthy foods, packed healthy lunch Antecedent control procedures involve manipulating some aspect of the physical or social environment to evoke a desired response or to make a competing, undesirable behaviour less likely. Arranging Establishing Operations for the Desirable Behaviour: o Establishing operation is an environmental event or biological condition that changes the value of a stimulus as a reinforcer. When an establishing operation is present, the behaviour that results in that stimulus is evoked (more likely to occur).Makes the reinforcer potent. o Example: going without food for a day is an establishing operation that makes food more reinforcing and therefore evokes the behaviour of getting and eating food. o One way to make a desirable behaviour more likely to occur is to arrange an establishing operation for the outcome of that behaviour. If you can increase the reinforcing value of the consequence of a behaviour, you make it more likely that the behaviour will occur. Antecedent Manipulations that evoke a desired response: o Presenting the S or supplemental stimuli (cues) that have stimulus control over the desired behaviour
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