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Amanda Uliaszek

BEHAVIOUR AND MODIFICATION Chapter 23: Biofeedback What Is Biofeedback?  Biofeedback: technique in which an electromechanical device monitors the status or changes of a person's physiological processes like heart rate and immediately reports that info to that individual - info lets person gain voluntary control over these bodily processes through operant conditioning  ppl who learn to control bodily process through biofeedback often cant describe the responses they make that affect it Instrumentation and Measurement  sphygmomanometer: measure a patients blood pressure  DP biofeedback: gives feedback on the person's blood pressure (BP) measured with a sphygmomanometer  HR biofeedback: measures and gives feedback on heart rate (HR) or heartbeats/min  GSR biofeedback: galvanic skin response (aka EDA) is a measure of sweat gland activity assessed with a device that tests how readily the skin conducts min levels of electricity – sweaty skin conducts more readily than dry skin – GSR level is given feedback  EEG biofeedback: assesses electrical activity in the brain  EMG biofeedback: measures muscle tension by assessing the electrical activity muscles when they contract  thermal biofeedback: assessments of skin temperature in a region of the body measure the flow of blood, which is warm  all measures are indirect – taken outside of the body or below skin  biofeedback sessions occur after they become adapt to situations - imp bc they may feel aroused when testing - some rushed to appointment  each biofeedback sess begins with a baseline assessment of the physical system targeted for biofeedback- at least 15 min The Importance of Training and Developmental Level  practice at home  children good ppl for biofeedback  biofeedback treatment for headache was more successful in reducing headache with children than with adults - bc children more interested in stuff and adults more skeptical BiofeedbackApplications Treating Hypertension  hyp
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