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Lecture 8

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Amanda Uliaszek

Lecture 8: Decreasing Behaviours  Reducing unwanted behaviours o Occupational/educational  Someone is sending too many e-mails, coming in late, o Training  Dog is misbehaving, peeing on carpet, play piano o Interpersonal  Want husband to stop leaving clothes out, go away, stop forgetting o Self-management  Eating too much dessert, smoking  Methods for Reducing Behaviours: Non-Punishment Methods o Extinction (remove reinforcer)  What do you need to know first?  Figure out what reinforcer is (identify)  Functional assessment o Can’t implement extinction purely based on assumptions o Reinforcers differ from one person to the next (instant gratification) o Reinforcers can be different in different contexts o Multiple reinforcers (maintain behaviour, reinforce multiple things)  Removing reinforcer o Can you control the reinforcer?  Automatic reinforcer (extinction may not be the way, need to use other domain to get rid of behaviour)  Other may be providing the reinforcement (hard to intervene)  Effectiveness of extinction o Withheld all reinforcers (don’t respond) o Consistency (be consistent) o Variety of settings (do it in all different ways) o Instructions (tell person) o Differential reinforcement  Withholding reinforcement from the target behaviour and reinforcing different behavior (Extinction plus reinforcing another behavior)  Incompatible behavior (competing response) (can’t do both behaviours at the same time) (reinforce a different behaviour)  Alternative behavior (reinforce eating fruit with dessert) (call friend i
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