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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Amanda Uliaszek

 Decreasing behaviors  Lecture 8  March 8, 2013  Reducing unwanted behaviors  Occupational/Educational  Training: sb. Or training a pet not peeing on the floor  Interpersonal: bf VS gf. Stop forgetting sth.  Self-management: stop smoking, stop biting nails.  Reducing unwanted behaviors  Occupational/Educational  Someone is sending too many emails  Training  Dog is misbehaving  Interpersonal  Want husband to stop leaving clothes out  Self-management  Eating too much dessert  Methods for Reducing Behaviors: Non-Punishment Methods  Extinction  Definition?  What do you need to know first?  Functional Assessment  Can’t implement extinction purely based on assumptions  Reinforcers differ from one person to the next  Reinforcers can be different in different contexts  Multiple reinforcers  Removing Reinforcer  Can you control the reinforcer?  Automatic reinforcer: eating desserts—automatically reinforcing. Extinction may not be easy to go.  Other people are providing the reinforcement: you can’t control what other ppl do  Effectiveness of Extinction  Withhold all reinforcers/all reinforcements  Consistency  Variety of settings  Instructions: tell that person might help the extinction of they sending you emails.  Differential Reinforcement  Withholding reinforcement from the target behavior and reinforcing a different behavior  Incompatible behavior (competing response): two behaviors physically cannot happen at the same time. OCD  Alternative behavior: not answering the questions from sister, but encourage her to analyze the quizes  Other behavior: tied to time limit  Low rates  Habit Reversal  Used in self-management  Become aware of triggers : an find another alternative/substitute to do, reverse the trigger. Like dieting, open the fridge, call a friend to stop finding foods.  Become aware of target behavior occurrence  Decide on competing response  Enlist social support  Decreasing an Undesirable Behavior  Will any of these procedures work?  Why? Why not?  Punishment  Definition: the introduction of an aversive stimulus,
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