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Lecture 11

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 Ethics and Future Directions  April 5, 2013  Monday April 8: Class 12-3; No office hours  Friday April 12: Nadia office hours 11-12; Dr. Uliaszek office hours 3-4  Motivational Operations--Either increase or decrease the effects in some way, changes occur so that there could be an effective consequence.  Establishing Operations—increase the effectiveness of a consequence. (any cons: reward or punishment)  Abolishing Operations—decrease the effectiveness ~. It makes whatever the consequences less effective.  Motivational operations  Motivational Operations  Ethics in Behavior Modification  Dilemmas regarding behavior change goals and behavior change methods.  What do you think about ◦ Torture ..(moral/ethical questions could always have good or bad sides) ◦ Corporal 肉体的 punishment 体罚 (may work well in a short term) genetic triggers, environmental triggers. Not always an abuse. ◦ Reparative 修缮的 therapies (a group of therapies.Like combination of elec-shock and other punishments It has both good and bad effects. Not happy being gay; suicidal,..) Reparative-Generally doesn’t work. ◦ Tax on large pop (2 goals: health, money/fiscal. Depend on whic
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