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Lecture 12


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Amanda Uliaszek

Psychopathology and Psychotherapy Psychopathology Eg psychopathological disordersdiagnosis daily functioning impairment distress schizophrenia illusional disorder autismchildhood disorder personality disorder bipolar disorder disassociate identity disorder depression alcoholsubstances disorders anxiety disorders like generalizing anxiety disorders specific phobias social phobia obsessive compulsive disorder panic disorder compulsive traumaticdisorder eating disorders 10 personality disorders characterizing like pervasive temperamental types of dysfunctions etc How broad of a spectrum when we talk about mental disorders A huge range so vasely from schezophrenia to distress chronic painall under the definitioncategory of psychopathology disorder or mental disorder How can we take the parameter of one disorder and apply it to all of these April 8 2013 Theories of Psychopathology What defines psychopathology oDSMIVDSM5 DiagnosticStatistical Manual of mental disorders eghomosexuality used to be deemed as mental disorder in DSMbut no statistic tells so removed from DSM oAbnormality get called abnormal u do sth different than the culturesociety tells you statistic abnormalitystatistics Depressiongenerally diagnosed mental disorder oImpairment and distress to pathologize sbto tell someone that therere something wrong with them bc they dont act like everyone else Psychopathological symptoms oEmotional oCognitive oBehavioral oPhysical oInterpersonal
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