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Lecture 6

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Konstantine Zakzanis

 Operant Conditioning  Lecture 6: February 15, 2013  Review of Operant Principles  Reinforcement – positive- desirable stimulus added in order to increase target behavior EX: give him kiss if he gets you flowers  Negative- aversive stimulus is removed in order to increases target behavior  EX: your bf come back you give him a massage  Punishment: positive: aversive stimulus is added in order to decrease a behavior  EX: a guy forgets valentine behavior= yelling, screaming, punching at the person Negative – Desirable stimulus is removed in order to decrease target behavior  EX: you refuse to talk to your boyfriend, you burn his clothes  Reinforcement Types of reinforces Natural vs. Programmed Natural: not arbitrary, not artificial, automatically happens, no one else need to be involved  EX: when you brush your teeth, you naturally feel clean  EX: some one gives you a kiss, you feel good Programmed: artificial, EX: brushing your teeth you getting a dollar; some one made a plan and manipulating a behavior Unconditioned vs. Conditioned Unconditioned: you never had to learn it, it naturally came to you  Food, water, warmth unconditioned reinforce  EX: feeling full, getting a drink when you are thirsty Conditioned: everything else, things you had to learn over time  EX: getting a good grade  EX: cleaned room  Positive Reinforcement  Tangible: something you get , material, good EX: makeup , money  Consumable: something you can eat or drink EX: cup cakes , chocolate  Activity: EX: Yoga, exercise, (it can also be punishing for some people)  Social: EX: smiles; praises- some one saying something nice to you, (people paying attention to you)  Feedback: people giving you feedback  Negative Reinforcement= you are getting away from the bully’s way  Escape: bad things already happening, already experiencing something negative  Avoidance
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