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Michael Inzlicht

Emotions lec 3 Two essentiel complimentaries -objective knowledge : when we’re taught to be objective, the very way we do our work, the nature of lab work and data reflect social convention and bias, they aint the truth -the very way you do your work is a reflection of social convention it is not necessarily true -nothing is absolutely true,objective knowledge is not as objective as it is -subjective knowledge: the way you actually see the world out there, something we project out into the world, we see the world that way -what it means is socially defined -what seems objective seems arbitrary and subjective seen out onto the world 2 modes of being in the world -there are 2 kinds of people thought oriented and feeling oriented/emotion - 1 mode objective, goal oriented constant planning but not stopping to smell the roses, your so busy being orbited, you cant shift out of it -1 mode subjective always be that way as well -some people are just so caught up in their modality Big picture** -cant have thought without feelings, whenever you think about something there is a residue (feelings affective residue, result of analyzing the world around us), thoughts produce feelings, feelings shadow of cognition -whenever you have thoughts there’s residue -you cant have emotions without thought, without understanding the situation you are in -mind and body are always together, feelings thought, emotions and thoughts are always together, can’t have 1 without the other - whenever we have an emotion we feel happy or sad -when we’re doing action and another way doing reaction -we need a balance of action and reaction -bodily activity goes hand in hand with mechanisms of addiction, how the body as an organism works, in terms of mechanism -what rules govern the mind? Not mechanisms -the layer of the body works a certain way, the mind lives a different way -adaptation is about action which takes us to a biolligcal foundation -bioological disposition to adapt is not just in humans its along the biological scale -if your going to adapt you better have strong stimulus emphasis -vigilence is essential -emphasize the stimulus you need to appraise it, right thing or wrong -wematch features against the list -self terminating, every course whispers some truth, your going through your list, then you stop the seatch when you find what you need -you exit the search when you come to critical needs -search for meaning, it overwhelms you then you have the reaction, we are overwhelmed but don’t really think about it - the overwhelming is automatic, the other side you are thinking about it systematically, but the other side, brings up memories of your life but doesn’t need to consciously -what social context you come from will shape the meaning of things -we construct and interpret situations and we look at whole situations (gestalt) - you need closure when your trying to figure out what went on in your life -exhausted means complete, you can never get enough facts to understand the situation -for every layer you peel back find something hiding -on the left side: behaviorist and cognitive on the right: Freudian tradition, Background -phenomena: events in the world that occur they are also culturally relative -they are not absolute, cultural and social are relative -what comes first theory or phenomenal -gestalt, we begin with the situation -In social science there are 2stages -natural history: observation of the world naming things, always preceeds science -natur: physical and organic, search for laws left column -geis: search for meaning right hand co
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