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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Questionnaires and Surveys.docx

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Zachariah Campbell

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Lecture 5 Questionnaires and Surveys Thursday October 11 2012732 PMLecture Outline Surveys and Questionnaires Survey vs QuestionnaireQuestionnaire instrument used for survey collect info on smaller scale Steps in Questionnaire DevelopmentDefine objectives List variables Dependent independent background Operationalize variables as questionsDevelop wordings Write proposed questions on index cardsPhysically move around for figure out order Pretest Use yourself experts lay people Do they understand questionsinstructionsDo questions mean the same thing to everyoneDo questions elicit info you want How long does it takeShorten List Refine questionsTypes of QuestionsPresenceabsence Check off which items dodo not apply yesno Singlechoice Indicate which ONE category appliesOptions sb mutually exclusive and exhaustiveIf not exhaustive include other with a space after it Ex What year are you in at universityFirst second third fourth Likerttype Ask you how much you agree or disagree with something Like or dont like something Usually on a scale of 110Normally set up on a horizontal line where you indicate your agreement or lack of agreement Includes directions before questions to clarify what to do Strongly agree always on the right side with 5 7 or 9 for strong agreement Word some statements positively whereas others negatively Ex of positive I really like my classesExample of negative I dont enjoy my classes at all Vary strength of wording for variation in responseEx the nursing care I received was good versus the nursing care i received was perfect in every instance Ex I believe capital punishment represents the most effective deterrent murderStrongly disagree 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 strongly agree Graphic rating scales and nonverbal scales
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