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Lecture 2

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Zachariah Campbell

Introduction to Behavior Modification1202012 60200 PM CHAPTER 1 Slide 2 y How we can change ourselves and each others Example class of environments What we can see objectivelySlide 3 y Manic staying up all the time late eccentric talking fast being happy smiling alwaysy Process as a behaviour the process of getting there by studyingProduct as a behaviour an academic goalSlide 4 y Has to be objectivey Impact comes in 2 spheres physical or socialy Physical Dimensions y Joshua the Runner Slide 5 y Trying to stay fit by looking at Duration y Running n a treadmill for 45 minutes Frequency y Running three times per week Intensity y Running at Level 8 on a treadmill Latency y Stimulus that prompts behaviour and you look at time between stimulus and target behaviourSlide 6 y Overt picking up a chair running around the class everyone sees y Covert whats going on inside the teacher or your mind that you cant see Slide 8 y Involves the systematic application of learned principles and techniques to assess and improve an individuals covert andor overt behavior in order to enhance their functioning Slide 9 y 1 Excess smoking over eating drug use Deficit not sleeping enough not working enough not studying enough y 3 ABC antecedent behavior consequence
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