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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 3 Chapter 4Slide 3 y Difference between physical and social environment is predictability Slide 4 y Antecedent Behavior Consequence y If you cant break it down you are not looking at something that can be studied through BM processSlide 5 y Rat that is hungry and wants food and needs it for survival purposes You can manipulate environment Each time its placed inside and is hungry it taps the lever First it sniffs and tries to figure out what it is in the environment Then when it knows it automatically does itSlide 7 y Operant conditioning because its how you interact with the environment You are operating on the environment Depending on interaction you form contingencies that form consequencesy Only a reinforcer if it strengthens Example not all kids like jellybeans so it wont reinforce for everyoneSlide 9 y Theyre disruptive because they want attention Only give it to them contingently than when they act up Slide 11 y Number of different people who are engaging in nonrational speech They like attention and like talking to staff members Say pay attention to them only when they talk rationally Baseline isnt that great but it is variable As soon as they start reinforcing the rational talk it goes up Some days are higher than others but it did make a differenceSlide 13 y Two baselines and two interventions This is called a reversaly Looking atof study behavior across sessions or unit time Baseline or intervention has an up and down patterny You can see change Slide 15 y An important term here is a stimulusy That experience is dichotomous It can beoror somewhere in between like linearSlide 17 y At baseline youre uncomfortable example getting shocked with lightning When you get rid of shock it is negative reinforment It gets negative because you are removing something Positive is because you are adding a stimulusSlide Picturey Picture of cars and one car trying to merge y If the person gets let in he will do it in the future because it is positive reinforcement
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