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Lecture 4

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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 232012 112600 PM Chapter 7 ndy 2 article talks about how social fears in adolescence develops y There are features of our personality that are always going to be there but can be malleabley Article fear conditioning as well as social threat userdy 3 article looks at punishment in patient population with Parkinsons and how they respondSlide 6 y You are more likely to pick up the phone when it rings but not when it is not ringingSlide 8 y You are more likely to tell stories to friends but not to parents Slide 10 D y Only reinforce when Sis thereSlide 12 Dy Opposite of S Slide 13 Dy Outcome in the future the behavior is more likely to occur when the S is present but deltanot when the S is presentSlide 15 y Reading spelling naming how we communicate with one anotherSlide 16 y Hammer wrench chisel y Want person to label category tool Slide 17 y It is conditioned but at an early time in her life Slide 19 y Parking in front of a fire hydranty So many elements in our daily lives that has punishment component that controls our behaviorSlide 20 Py S is discriminate stimulus saying it will be punished y You are less likely to park near a fire hydrant next timeSlide 21 y Does something have stimulus control y With purpose of trying to change someone or your behavior Or happens naturallytends to happen that way
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