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Lecture 6

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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 322012 24200 PM ChainingUsed for kids and developmental disabilities brain injury strokeImportant for those trivial tasks taking care of self others that we engage in people who are disadvantaged have higher time with these tasksSlide 2Teaching a child to tie shoelaces To learn behavior is not easy without necessary skills from normal cognitive perspective Slide 3Putting clothes put a tie onParticular behavior and starts and continues till completion Using a cell phone secretary services like answering the phoneSD to cue a response and it follows another link till terminal response Slide 4DentalTeaching someone to brush their teethFirst step pick up toothpaste Slide 5Involve macro behavior Not intuitive in the beginningEvery SR can be viewed in a different wayLast response is the only thing that allows the change to occur in the first place This is keyThe weakest link breaks the entire chainSR chain that isnt there properly so get to the next step is hardPhysical chain to break it downSlide 7Can teach subtask to person and second subtask and bring it all togetherIf youre a parents teacher you have to be dynamic and see how the task should be structuredThere are so many steps the person gets annoyed because its too easy so you might have to collapse it into one Slide 9 SDR 1 Verbal prompt brushPick up toothpaste2 Sight of toothpaste in your hand texture how it feels
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