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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 7 3102012 10100 AM Chapter 13 Slide 5 y Problems nail biting alcohol tobacco y 35 yr old hair pulling y 25 yr old binge eating bulimia Slide 7 y functional assessment the collection of information about the Antecedents and Consequences of a target behavior Slide 8 y Time and place y The presence of other people y Any environmental events that precede the behavior Slide 9 y Alternative behavior Putting hands in pocket chewing gum Trying to find easy solution by finding an incompatible behavior that doesnt happen at the same time Slide 14 y Reinforced by person y This includes attention directing eye contact moving towards them praise any reaction that acknowledges them in a positive way reactions y Activities y Goodstangiblesthings Slide 16 y Termination of an aversive experience y Escape from tasks activities interactions Slide 17 y Can be problematic if not social because human element cant control the reinforcement If it is automatic but beyond human control it is hard y If its human its more intensivey Why do we make distinction between people and automatic Locuslike controly Humans are less predictable than nonhuman factors y Flicking a light switch on light comes on y If you tell someone to switch a light on they may or may not do it y Variability allows us to be differentSlide 18 y Examples Interactions with the nonsocial environment
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