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Lecture 8

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Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 8 3172012 91000 AM Chapter 15 Slide 2Outset doesnt seem possibleBased on animal research now applied in clinical research different ways we can manipulate reinforcementUsing different reinforcement techniques Slide 3Targeting one behavior problematic behavior and encouraging prosocial positive behavior Doing 2 things at once instead of using one technique like extinction Slide 4DRA Alternative behaviorDRI Incompatible behavior Distinction is subtle but if the behavior is mutually exclusive of one another Slide 5DRO Other behavior DRL Low rates of responding Slide 7Allowing them to attain reinforce same reinforcer supporting problem Slide 9Lady trying to use ATMAre all ATMs the same NoStimuli vary within our world Different places banks corner stores have different ways to interact with the item Going from one stimuli to one is the way you interact with it as opposed to what you previously usedAnother example is a childs good table mannersIf you can extinguish attention for bad and get for good behavior your doing DRA Slide 10Cant use hand for two different things at the same time Slide 11 1Taking a taxi2Put your hands to some other use like put your hands in your pocket 3Talking without swearingSlide 12Could be social or automatic positive or negative For maintenance we want intermittent reinforcement
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