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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 Lecture 10Chapter 18Behaviorism isnt the same as it was 80 years ago Slide 33Trying to teach responsibility and care for dogCan you punish for absence of behavioro No you cantAntecedent is everything the person is experiencing sight soundsBehavior is what they are doing at that moment in time You cant punish the absence of behavior so you use reinforcement They need to know what they are doing at that moment is wrongCan say the absence of behavior follows rules and consequencesSlide 35Positive punishment is the most restrictive Informed consent person above age 18 says they understand procedure and the intended outcome Safety person administering and not must both be safe Added SlideAntabuse o Classical conditioning All about behavior modification but also to stop alcohol consumptionChapter 19 Slide 2The occurrence of behavior in the context of a novel stimulusReinforce a behavior in each of a series of situations until it generalized to other members of that same stimulus class Slide 3Relevant natural antecedent stimuli the person experienceTarget behavior occurs outside Your trying to approximate what happenedSlide 5Maintenance behavior occurs in duration and appropriate circumstancesSlide 6Bring something into your control arenaSlide 8Make sure they get food on the streets while their walking and doing their activity Can teach them using a hot dog stand but cant generalize that it will work for a pretzel stand or another hot dog stand with a different set upTheyre all vendors but have different components on how they do thingsSlide 9Use similar response exemplars
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