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Lecture 11

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PSYB45Lecture 11PSYB45 Lecture 11Chapter 2225CHAPTER 22Token EconomiesSlide 2Taking people who had difficulty managing behavior and control everything impacting their control system Can use punishment not positive but response costSlide 3CR Not originally reinforcing but becomes reinforce after being paired with other reinforcersT Conditioned reinforcers that endure can be accumulated and exchanged for backup reinforcersTE Behavior Modification program that uses tokensSlide 4Paired with many different backup reinforcersCan be administered to large diverse groups Slide 5Want to make sure its easy to handleHave to make it difficult for them to steal the item have to make sure its secureDepending on what your using example paper money make sure they cant print off paper money or get someone to do it for them scan itWant great value for token Want the person to realize there are important behaviors that achieve a larger goal what happens in the real worldSlide 8 st 1 What kinds of sheetsWho will record the data When will recording take place nd 2 Who will administer the reinforcement and for what behavior rd 3 More tokens to startGradually decrease umber of tokens Less pleasant activities might earn more
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