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Zachariah Campbell

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION Chapter25 Behavior modification often is focused on analyzing and modifying overt behaviorsSome target behaviors may be covert that is not observable by another individualEg covert behaviorcognitive behavior Examples of Cognitive Behavior ModificationHelping Deon Control his AngerDeon a junior in high school students usually called Deon names or made racist commentsDeon reacted by namecalling or getting into fights Deon has been suspended on a number of occasionsPsychologist identified aof antecedents that preceded Deons fightingPrimary antecedentwhich another student called him a name or made a racist commentNamecalling or comments from the other student preceded his autonomic arousal anger or angry statementspreceded his fightingConsequences for fighting varied decrease in autonomic arousal that Deon experienced after his fighting may also have been negatively reinforcedPsychologist decided to usecognitive behavior modification procedures to help Deon change his angry selfstatements and autonomic arousal the covert antecedents to his fightingDeon was able to identify his angryself statements ThoughtsTaught to replace with coping self statements that would not lead to fightingPsychologist provided instructions and modeling to teach Deon appropriate coping statements and provide praise and feedback in the roleplaysDeon also learned relaxation skill to calm himself when he was angryDeveloped a behavioral contract that specified reinforcing consequences for Deon each time he went for a week without fighting Multiple behavior modification procedures are used to address a problem instructing modeling rehearsal praise behavioral contract and feedbackHelping Claire Pay Attention in ClassClaire a 7 year old often got into trouble bc got out of her seat many times during each class period engage in disruptive behaviorGiven a diagnosis of attentiondeficithyperactivity disorderPsychologisttalk Claire and parents selfinstructional training teach children to talk to themselves to control their own behavior in the classroomIn office psychologist used behavioral skills training procedures to teach the selfinstructions to Claire Modeling psychologistfollowing selfinstructionsInstructed the teacher to praise Claire periodically when she was in her seat paying attention in classClaire was to record at period intervals whether she was in her seat selfmonitoring Defining Cognitive Behavior ModificationCognitive behavior modification procedures are used to help people change behaviors that are labeled as cognitive Defining Cognitive BehaviorTarget behavior must be identified and defined in objective terms so that it occurrence can be recordTrue for over behaviors as well as covert behaviors such as cognitive behaviors
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