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Zachariah Campbell

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Behavior modification (BM) Chapter 1 BM is concerned with modifying and analyzing human behavior analyzing is to identify the functional relationship between environmental events and a particular behavior aka why the behavior occurred modifying is to develop and implement procedures to help people change their behavior. BMs goal is to improve a certain aspect of a persons life Characteristics of BM: 1) focus on behavior: designed to change behavior not personal traits. BM de-emphasizes labeling. Behavioral excesses & deficits are targets for change with BM. The behavior to be modified is called the target behavior. Behavioral excess: is an undesirable target behavior the person wants to decrease in frequency, intensity or duration ie smoking behavioral deficit: a desirable target behavior the person wants to increase in frequency, intensity or duration ie exercise 2) procedures based on behavioral principles: experimental analysis behavior: the scientific study of behavior also called behavior analysis. Applied behavior analysis: the scientific study of human behavior, also called experimental analysis
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