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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 14: Applying Extinction Use of extinction to eliminate a problem behaviour after identify reinforce that maintain it, eliminate it a behaviour no longer reinforced decrease in frequency & stops The Case of Willy Willy - 54-year old man w mild mental retardation recently moved into group home exhibited problem behaviour of arguing when asked to do training activity (e.g. cleaning ) functional assessment: Antecedent female staff asking & Consequences staff provides attenti ontreatment: was training staff not provide attention when Willy acts out First provided the instructions for use of extinction & then, model it - then had another staff role-play asked each staff to rehearse & instructed that his behaviour might get worse before getting better so be prepared to not reinforce it In conjunction w that instructed the staff to praise when Willy start to engage in behaviour requeste d problem behaviour will decrease & co-operative behaviour will increase To promote generalization asked ALL STAFF must use extinction (& reinforcing good behaviour) at ALL TIME in ALL SITUATIONS mean this must continue when he visits his parents either by not asking to do anything (stimulus control) or follow extinction procedure as well His refusal to do task decrease over time once extinction was implemented & only refused once in while most often, he completed the task Using Extinction to Decrease Problem Behaviour Should be one of first approaches to be considered for treating problem behaviour thus; to decrease a behaviour , an important step is to identify the reinforcing consequences, and eliminate it Steps involved in extinction:
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