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Lecture 19

lecture 19 notes

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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 Lecture 19 Punishment o Naturally can have problem effects o Can agent controlling punishment, then punisher goes away? o Punishment should only occur as needed (shouldnt go on for too long) o Possibility that can injure the person using punishment (eg damage to skintissue) o Is the problem sufficiently severe to warrant a positive punishment solution? Eg positive punishment can be very effective for a lot of behaviours but should you use it Application 4 o Children eating paint chips o Medical staff realized that these children are putting a lot of things in their mouths, not just paint chips o Praise the children when they engage in positive behaviour o When children start to put things in their mouths like a toy should physically stop their hand from completing that movement o Then hold their arms to the sides and dont let them move (and this action is a very effective punishment procedure) o ABCs Antecedent is presence of an object Behaviour is bringing it to the mouth Consequence is pleasuresensation of putting object into mouth o ABCs of intervention Antecedent is presence of object Behaviour is trying to go mouth but its stopped Consequence is punishment Next lecture slides (chpt 19)
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