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Chapter 19 txtbook notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 19: Promoting Generalization Programming for generalization increases the likelihood that the behaviour change will occur in all relevant situations or circumstances Examples of Generalization Programming Mrs. William rarely engage in positive conversat ionwhen using DRA to increase positive conversation to promote generalization of that behaviour ALL staff were taught to use DRA & to use it at all time and prompted other residents to ignore problem behaviour & focus on positive behaviour o Generalization occurs because ALL relevant people carried out DRA as planned Marcia learning assertiveness skills generalization of this behaviour is defined as occurrence of an appropriate assertive response to any unreasonable request made by a co-worker o Did this by teaching her respond to wide range of possible unreasonable requests & made role-playing more difficult progressively by becoming more persistent w the unreasonable request Failure of generalization w couch training the kid to hit the ball but couldnt hit the ball in an actual game because the training stimuli were not similar enough to stimuli in the criterion situation (real game) for the behaviour to generalize to criterion situation o Could make kid hit balls form various pitchers during practice Defining Generalization Defined as the occurrence of the behaviour in the presence of stimuli that are similar in some way to the S that was present during the training a class of stimuli develops stimulus control over the behaviour In BM it is defined as the occurrence of the behaviour in the presence of all relevant stimuli outside the training situation o It is very important in these procedures to make sure target behaviour occur outside training and to all relevant stimuli o Example: if Trevor could hit for various pitcher generalization has occurred
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