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lecture 22 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 Lecture 22 Token economy o Need to have rules in place o Data sheets Who records data Do all sheets look the same o Frequency of tokens to pay Tasks that are less pleasant going to get more tokens Backup reinforcers that like better are going to cost more o At the very beginning need more tokens because needs to be established as conditioned reinforce o Gradually decrease number of tokens over time o Need also the backup reinforcer and the availability of those o At the very beginning want the store with the reinforcers open all the time so conditioned? o Should be related to real-world monetary costs so that can generalize into real world o Tokens also taken away if do bad behavior (punishment?) o Individuals with low intellectual ability may become aggressive when you start to take tokens away o Make sure give praise on regular basis o Staff shortages which is a big problem when deal with reinforcing behavior o Dont use Dollarama tokens because person can buy it and then short-circuit system o Some people who are new to the system may not understand how the token system works right away o Want to program for generalization by substituting tangible tokens with more realistic things such as praise
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