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Lecture 15

lecture 15 notes

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Zachariah Campbell

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PSYB45 Lecture 15 Last lecture slides Waters et al. o Baseline for the study was using visual schedules o Two children who have autism disorders and they engaged in aggressive behaviors o The use of visual schedules wasnt effective to get people to stop engaging in maladaptive behaviors Eg taking a piece of paper with visual stimuli and bringing it to an area so child focuses on it o Did not like going from preferred activity to non-preferred activity Eg for one child it was playing video games and for another child it was playing music o Used a token system Access to TV, snacks, etc o In baseline instructor backed off every time the child did aggressive behavior o In treatment (differential treatment) they stayed with the child even though there was aggressive behavior (had to protect themselves however) o Also gave reinforcement aka treats and praise Betty studying application o Arrange for a contingency to study for a specific amount of time before engaging in high-desirable behaviors Premack Principle o Have her tell her friends not to talk to her or play games until she has studied in the evening o Perhaps have her unplug the TV, hide the remote so she cant watch TV o In the very moment this is response effort If someone hides the remote youll go looking for it for a while but after some time youll give up New slides
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