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Lecture 12

lecture 12 notes

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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 Lecture 12 Going back to previous chpts to talk about this so a lot of the info is the same Functional assessment o Stimulus control elements aka discriminative stimulus o S can be almost anything here o Should consider treatments at same time because no point if you dont help out the person in the end o Eg child engaged in tantrum behavior in preschool environment Happened when other kids played with his toys Could teach the child to actually going up to them in a socially nice fashion to talk about getting the toys Want to encourage behaviors that they cant do both at same time o Outcome of previous interventions Assessments etc if the problem was a long term problem What is the function or reinforcing consequences of problem behavior? o Social positive MEDIATED by a third party Eg access to activities o Social negative Terminating aversive experiences Eg escape from class activities when have a tantrum o Automatic positive NOT mediated by 3 party ANY interaction with non-social environment Eg when no one else around or no one else intervening with their behavior
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