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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 Chapter 12 Behavioral skills training BST procedures Modeling instructions rehearsal and feedbackgenerally used together in training sessions to help a person acquire useful skills typically used to teach skills that ca be stimulated in a roleplay context I Examples of Behavioral Skills Training 11 Teaching Maria to say no to the Professors read textgood onecan use this in real life if coworkers are bossy 12 Teaching Children to Protect Themselves from AbductionKidnapping can teach Ton2 this II Components of the Behavioral Skills Training Procedure 21 Modeling correct behavior is demonstrated for the learnero learner observes the models behavior and then imitates the modelo Learner must have an imitiative repertoire learner has to be able to pay attention to the model and perform the behavior that the model just demonstratedo Most people have imitative repertoires bc imitating the beh of others has already been reinforced in a variety of situationsOver the course of early devt a childs beh of imitating modelsprovided by parents teachers siblingspeers is reinforced many times in the presence of a wide variety of beh modeled by a variety of people DAs a result a models beh becomes an Sfor imitationimitation becomes a generalized response class wc means that imitation is likely to occur in the future when a beh is modeled for the learner o may be live another person demonstrates the appropriate behavior in the appropriate situation or symbolic demonstrated on videotape audiotape or possibly in a cartoon or a movie o researchers found that children who received modeling instructions rehearsal and feedback learned better than children who got instructions and modeling from the videotape without the chance for rehearsal and feedback Factors influence the effectiveness of modeling I When the model exhibits the correct behavior it should result in a successful outcome a reinforcer for the modelII Model should resemble the people observing the model or have high statuseg teachercelebritysport stars III Complexity of the models behavior should be appropriate to the development or ability level of the learner too complex learner may not be able to learn from it too simple learner may not pay attention IV Learner has to pay attention to the model to learn the behavior being modeled eg Assertive skills Now watch how I make eye contactuse a firm tone of voice DV Modeled behavior must occur in the proper context in response to the relevant S The behavior should be modeled in the real situation or in the context of a role play of the real situation eg Marcia watched Dr Mills model assertive beh in the context of roleplay of difficult interactions Marcia faced at work VI Modeled behavior should be repeated as often as necessary for learner to imitate it correctlyVII Behavior should be modeled in variety of wayssituations to enhance generalization VIII The learner should have an opportunity to rehearseimitate the beh as soon as possible after observing the model Correct imitation of the modeled beh should be reinforced immediately
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