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Lecture 10

lecture 10 notes

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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 Lecture 10 Task analysis o You do this on paper, not just keeping in memory o When youre doing this always trial and error involved o 3 approaches Engage in behavior yourself Go through physical motions of behavior Eg want to show someone how to chew gum o S would be the gum Watch a third party perform behavior Eg writing down notation wise what are the steps Until both of you have confidence that you have broken down the steps correctly Consult an expert o Eg Gum in pocket is S 1 Response is pulling gum out of pocket with left hand Response 1 S 2 gum packet is in hand Response is to pull out a stick of gum o Want people who are disadvantaged to normal people to live as independently as possible o A lot of jobs out there that are repetitive enough so that cognitively disadvantaged people would be able to do Forward chaining o Teach S-R link until established and reaffirmed o On EACH trial last step is reinforced Training sequence for each S-R
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