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Lecture 6

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Maydianne Andrade

Lecture 6: PSYB51 Eye movements - the eyes are still moving a little bit, little eye movements that refresh the retina so that we don’t have too much adaptation - based on six muscles: they are rotations of the eyeball~~how many kinds of rotations can there be? Answer: horizontal, vertical, tortion( counter rotations) - 3 rotations for 3D world - Two types of eye muscles: rectus muscles: inferior rectus, superior, lateral and medial - inferior and superior oblique -eye movements are controlled by cerebral cortex - oblique eye movements: if have legions in these areas might be selective~ only horizontal eye movements and not vertical eye movements 4 eye movements: 1. Smooth pursuit: eyes move smoothly to follow moving object 2. Ciccards: eye movements that we make all the time, jerky quick movements - to move the fovea to objects of interests 3. Vergence: convergence or divergence 4. Fixations: eye is never really stable to refresh the retina A) Smooth Pursuit:
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