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Lecture 10

lecture 10 detailed with pictures

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Matthias Niemeier

Lecture 10: [5O,L39K0902547,O.404184:31706:03. :K,9L8.40+4ZL8L9.40 ZK,98 the proper scientific term for it)? What are the limits of temporal coding? How could this limitation be overcome? The interoral time difference. This is about what kind of sound it is; its about frequency, it has to do with high accuracy about processing in a certain time. Frequency is processed first in the inner ear( cochlea) and we have this organ of coriti that is rolled up like a snail. And in the organ of corti its like a thin piece of elongated chewing gum and it vibrates depending on the frequency you have, high frequency will make the organ of coriti vibrate near the oval window at an earlier time and lower frequencies later. This is not the temporal code of frequency: The temporal one is dependent on what piece of the organ of coriti is vibrating by the sound pressure wave,. You can code each frequency in terms of time. Example: so imagine we have sound waves at a certain frequency and they stimulate the oran of corti at a certain piece of the choclea so what happens at this piece of the organ of corti is that you have these hair cells that sit on the basili membrane and there is another membrane on top that is shifting back and forth and uses shear forces on the stereocilia of the hair cells. So its brushed in one or and other direction. ^}Z}Z] ooZ }LL }Z]LLZ] ooZLZ[Z }LL }the axons of the auditory nerve . So now say we have pure tone which is a perfect sine wave , it will travel through the hairs and steer them in certain direction. So there fore, what happens is the hair is more receptive towards one direction of steering for example: when the sine wave is directed in the way shown in the diagram below, it stimulates the hair more . at that point in time it will have a burst of action potential 1000 hz is the limit to So this is a graph that shows activation of the action potentials measuring frequency because at a point in time, see how it correlates with the direction of the sine wave! Z[ZZZZZ] ooZ L vibrate! :K,98$50.L,O-4:9:8L. :K,989K0L110703.0-09Z0039one height and tone chroma? Chords JMelody
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