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Lecture notes and Chapter notes for lectures 7 and 8/chapter 8 (on attention)

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Matthias Niemeier

PSYB51 - Perception Lecture Slides Textbook Notes Lecture 7 & 8 Attention - We are unable to read more than one thing at once because we do not have the brains for it - Attention: not a single thing; family of mechanisms that restrict processing in various ways - Selective attention is a cognitive brain mechanism that enables one to process relevant inputs, thoughts, or actions while ignoring others that are less important, irrelevant, or distracting; the ability to pick one (or a few) out of many stimuli - Arousal: a global state of the brain reflecting an overall level of responsiveness - Why we need attention: o Bottlenecks: it is impossible to process everything at once. Lack of brain, lack of arms, o Sensory cognitive motor (?) - Why attention can help us: - Where attention plays a role: o Attention to vision o Attention to auditiontouchsmell o Attention across modalities o Attention to thoughts o Attention to motor tasks Studying Attention - Measure attention o Reaction time: a measure of the time from the onset of a stimulus to a response o Perceptual thresholds: change with attention o Motor accuracy o Brain activity o Eye movements: can reflect overt shifts of attention. But careful; attention can shift without eye movements: covert attention o Perceptual biases - Simple probe detection experiment measures RT (or perceptual thresholds) - Posner: adding a cue; Posner found that with a valid cue, the RT increases
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