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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 - weboption

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Matthias Niemeier

PSYB51Lecture 12Short Answer QuestionWhat is haptic perception Why can you say that action is for haptic perception Why the reverse is true too perception is for actionIs from touch haptic perception is the process of actively feelexplore objects using your hands for recognizing identifying of object surface and their propertiesThis is useful in darknesseg feel for light switchHaptic perception is different compared to just other somatosensory perception just touch is for this perception you need active exploration in order to get clearer perception Haptic perceptionmeaning you actively explore is better because we use muscles actively and this gets at more info via efference copyinfo about what were doing w our muscles The efference copy also allows additional info about where is actually the fingers in spacethus allows for integration of where your hands are at different times in spacePerform certain type of action usually from hands to gather information about certain type of haptic features of objects These actions involve using hands with different strategiesactions stereotypical to measure different features eg weight vs texture The reverse is also true that perception is meant to guide our actionsfor eg stable grasping of cup as you drink that doesnt allow the cup to slide between your handspill coffee The perception of your handswill guide the action of your hand to grasp the cup properlyFinal Exam w 60 mc 3 out 4 SAQfor SAQ focus on later lectures Odourin CANADAODORso whenever it spelled ODOURSpell it ODORWe have 6 senses vestibular system not long agofurther research leading to discovery of new sense OlfactionTaste taste vs flavour are 2 different things Olfaction when we smell something use olfactory systemthat means we have some chemical interaction w certain molecules chemical compoundsis only certain sets of molecules chemical compounds that we can perceive w olfaction odors main are w these featureso Volatileo Smallo Hydrophobico But not all For eg carbon monoxideis a small molecule but we cant smell it but is very dangerous thats why you need a detector at your houseHuman Olfactory Apparatus Nose have the main purpose of providing us w airbreathingo these swilling air that entering the nose is also what we need for the olfaction because the air enters pass along the sensory apparatus thus secondary purpose of the nose Nose small ridges olfactory cleft olfactory epithelium Olfactory epitheliumthe retina of the nosehas 3 type of cellso Supporting cellspretty much limited to supporting functions not have anything to do w actual perceptiono Basal cellsare infants precursors of OSNso Olfactory Sensory Neurons OSNsare the cells that actually do engage in perceptionare cilia protruding into mucus covering olfactory epithelium OR olfactory receptorare designed somewhat like hair cells similarity to auditory systemas well as the vestibular system the difference is that the auditoryvestibular system use these hairs that is sitting in the dendrites of these neurons for mechanic changesthese are mechanoreceptorsalso found in touchfor the olfactory systemthese hairs cilia work in chemical way they interact w odorants so whenever chemical odor lock onto these receptorsaction potentials are elicitedare send along the Olfactory Nerve to olfactory bulb olfactory nerve which is Cranial Nerve 1basically multiple bundles of axonslooks like brush goes through the skull into the brain especially into olfactory bulbo imagine have car accidenthit your front headbrain inside the skull hit the front which could cause brain traumabut at the same time olfactory bulb kind moves forward when that happenscould have olfactory nerve are being sheared off equivalent to shaving razoras result left w Anosmiacannot perceive smell anymoreo another reason lesion to olfactory nerve causing AnosmiaInfections of these axonscauses swelling of these axons because these axons passes through skullthe axons squeeze themselves into dyfunctionality when you cannot smellcant sense flavour of the food but know taste whether something is sour or sweetalso cannot smell potentially dangerous fumeo another reason for anosmia or lack of smell is during earlier stages of Alzheimer Parkinson can use this as symptoms to diagnose AlzheimerParkinson anosmia or lack of smellis quite commonOlfactory BulbNerve enters the Olfactory bulbit sitsjust 2 finger underneath the frontal cortices Olfactory bulb is where the axons from olfactory neurons will synapse onto mitral cells and tufted cellsin such a way called Glomeruli Glomerulispherical structures inside olfactory bulbGlomeruli is organised in Chemotopography manner
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