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Matthias Niemeier

Lecture 1 What is real text: -How do you define real: Perceive by 5 senses and interpreted by brain -from Matrix, lots of philosophy and question about perception of reality -Morpheus is really existed, Silde #2: Dualism: Theory about body and mind -Debates between dualism and materialism give rise to psychophysics -Psychophysics: The beginning or founder of psychology Perception is more than behavior study, also involves biology Slide #3: Morpheus is real person, he’s actually Plato -Wrote dialog of “The allegory of the cave”, tells story of prisoner that born in the cave -The prisoner only can see the shadows that caused by the fire -What they perceived is really limited, there’s much richer reality behind the wall -Use this as the metaphor of our perception We really depend on what we perceived, than the reality Slide #3: Perception of our sense are the product of evolution Venus flytrap: illustrate it has a tactile sense, which mechanical vibration triggers the closure of the leaf -Only the tactile sense is important, don’t have to worry about vision or hearing to catch prey Different animals have different senses they are rely on Slide #4 Echolocation: Dolphins, send out sound and using reflection of object to sense fishes etc. -Human don’t have them, but can develop it Slide #6: Heraclitus: Ancient Geek philosopher Act of perceiving is always changing, experience/adaptation will also change what you perceive What we perceive is picking out the changes #7 & 8: Adaptation: e.g. vision: colour adaptation, Demo2: After watching a female face, the computer generated picture will look more like male Demo3: learning experience will make perception more bias, towards what we have learned Demo4: Purple ball will disappear and the disappear ball becomes green colour after adaptation #9: Democritus: an artist and philosopher -Discover idea of atom, by keeping cutting until cannot get anymore smaller object -Said perception are caused by atoms and their interactions #10: Sensory transducer: -State there’s atom peeling off from object Nativism and empiricism debate: -Nativism: -Empiricism Dualism and materialism: -Propose dualism by Descartes -Materialism: Physical matter is only thing that is true and real -there’s no soul and no way you have knowledge when you born Monism, the opposite of Dualism -Just mind or just matter, nothing else but only my own consciousness etc. -Similar to idea of materialism Hobbes Locke: Empiricist Dawn of Psychophysics Fechner: Re-concise different theories and proposal idea of Panpsychism: -saying all matters have consciousness Invent psychophysic and use for measure the quantity of consciousness -e.g. perception of changes can use for measure consciousness Weber: Interested of touch, discover there’s something for perceive changes -e.g. Weight in touch, Weber’s law
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