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Matthias Niemeier

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Lec 9 Short answer :premotor theory of attention. Eye movement and attention shifts in space are connected share areas -it states program for eye movement is completed. Occulomotor system finishes programming for saccade for the shift, you shift your attention, then the eye muscles contract and rotate the eye to the new location of attention -shift your attention without moving your eyes: execution of the eye movement is inhibited -stimulated eliciting eye movements kind of related to attention What is sound -sound is created when an object is vibrating, molecules will shift back and forth in the medium -diff in air pressure will travel away from the membrane -there will be regions of increase in pressure and air pressure lower than normal pressure -they treble away from sound source at different speeds -travels faster in water -amplitude of the sine is directly related to the sound pressure -frequency, sine wave is of closer space together -decibels mathematic conversion of energies, in a logarithmic way -pressure related to the medium -sound energy twice as large as the minimum -measure something perform conversion -loudness: psychological aspect is related to the intensity of the sound only as it is perceived -0 means sound at min -frequency per sound: amount of pressure change repeats for sound -frequency associated with psychological aspect-pitch -pitch: psychological related to fundamental frequency… -phasE: more for vision -sensitivity for contrast, inverted u shape function -threshold, the lower you go the better you are -lower boundary, absolute threshold of audition -our ability to hear faint sounds changes as a function of frequency -for some frequencies can go below 0, but then it wouldn’t exist -horizontal line smean same level of energy, loudness is not the same as intensity -range of frequency is very large, ability to hear depends on frequency spectrum -complex sounds can be described based on Fournier analysis -square shape function is caused by several frequencies Complex sounds -many sounds show regularities follow specific mathematical patterns-harmonic sounds/spectrum ex: string of guitar -they are simple sounds they are interger multiples of lowest frequencies -the fundamental frequency is the lowest frequency of a sound -when you plot out interger multiples you get bars of harmonic sounds, go up by lowest frequency each time -timbre: the profile of the energy of the different frequencies that you can filter out, cant hear them individual but you can hear the difference in different profiles Hearing in the environment -auditory system can tell you how many
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