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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

LECTURE 8Attention Part 2Selective AttentionModels of Attention early vs Late selectionin the processing stream attention could occur either at a lower level ie the retina may be overloaded with info so attention would focus on certain aspects of the info There is certain evidence for early models but they cant explain why even things arent conscious they can still be processed or at a higher level ie attentional blinkwords in sentences create certain responses that can be shown via EEG You can predict certain words in a sentence depending on what came before it If you find a sentence that makes no sense it makes a certain response in your brain an N400 In a study they found that even if youre unaware that you saw a word in a sentence you get an N400in reality we probably use bothperceptual loadanother factor is the load of whatever youre processing If its got too much load you dont perceive itSpotlight modelDisagrees with the early vs Late selection modelsAttention is like a spotlightwe move our spotlight around to focus on things Whatevers in the spotlightcoherent area is picked upcon shouldnt it be possible that the spotlight gets wider or narrower This is explained by thezoom lens modellike the spotlight model but you can zoom in and out depending on how wide the area is it determines how intense your attentionalprocessi
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