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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

PSYB51 October 29 , 2010 Lecture 7: Attention & Scene Perception Short Answer Question: 1) - You have a photoreceptor that might itself somehow contribute to colour perception but alone is not colour-sensitive 9K,98- .9K08LJ3,OL8 ,2-LJ:4:8 439N34ZZK,90[,.9Z,;0O03J9K9K0L3.42L3JOLJK9L8 - The problem of univariance is the fact that an infinite set of different wavelengthintensity combinations can elicit exactly the same response from a single type of photoreceptor. One photoreceptor type cannot make accurate color discriminations based on wavelength. - The solution L89K,9Z0;024709K,3430.4O4:7-sensitive photoreceptor like red, green and blue cones in our retinas. The combinations of the outputs of these three types of cones ZLOO,.9:,OO90OO:8ZK,9.4O4:78Z070O44NL3J,9 2) - The location of objects whose images lie on corresponding points. The surface of zero disparity. $49KL8L8,3,70,ZK070Z0439K,;0double vision when we converge our eyes on something. Arousal & Attention are clearly different things! But they do interact with each other. The relationship between Arousal & attention As arousal increases, the attention increases but further increases in arousal could also bring about decreased attention. - Attention can be directed at INPUTS, THOUGHTS & ACTIONS - Able to process them & ignore other things TOO MUCH arousal seems to activate all sorts of sensory inputs in a global way. The person has problems concentrating as they will have problems ignoring things that are irrelevant distracting. Both fecilatatory mechanisms (enhance & focus) We need attention & inhibitory mechanism (ignore) will contribute to what we call attention in multiple ways. :0OO14.:843,99039L43L39K0;L8:,O42,L3.
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