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Lecture 11

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Lecture 11 Notes Major difference: 1) Touch doenst have two nerves such as auditory or visual do. Instead it has many somatosensory trunk Somatosensory trunks are formed by axons of various tactile recptors thant bundle together. - Also, optic nerves etc go directly to the brian wehre as tactile nerves go through teh spinal cord to the brian Touch sensations that result from skin being stimulated are are SPATIALLY represented in area S1 SOMATOTYPICALLY Distorted representation reflects receptor density. Some areas of the bodya re overrepresented in the sensory homunculs and are dedictae much more processing. .receptors are much more heavily concentrated in such areas. Phantom limb: Perceived sensation from a physically amputate limb of the body Parts of the brain are lsitenign in to missing limbs not fullya ware of altered connections so they attribute activity in these brain areas to stimulation form missing loimbs Phantom pain is real and could be very intense Two contact points will elicit different responses if : -sufficient concentration of receptors at the skin - small receptive fields - no convergence of neural processing. Exploratory procedure: Stereotyped hand movement pattern used to contact objects inroder to perceive their properties Optimal for obtain precise details about 1 or 2 specific properties Perception for action; people with anesthesized skin cant grasp even when kinaesthetic perception is preserved. Waht system of touch: geometric properties. Most imp for visual object recognition Line drawings: easy to see but difficult to perceive haptically. Require haptic integration in space over time.isntead perceiving material protperties. Where System Frame of reference is a coordinated systems used to define locations in space. Centre fo a ref frame: Egocentric ref fram Multisensory integration -whatw e do in everyday life -we don’t use senses individually We have multiple pieces of info Vision is nto good enough. U need to knpow where you head is relative to your body(provided by kinaesthetic receptors) Neck info – si non redundant Vision – 5 Neck + vision = different things 10 +5 One reflects what the head is doing, the other refelecst wehre the knock is seen L1 – FIRST ESTIMATE Coherence of the world doesnto relaly work when u aer on a boat. Vision tells u there is no movt btu vestibular ystem says t
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