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Matthias Neimier

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Lecture 1 : Psyb51 short answer questions - half a page answer - seq. of questions 1 sample short ques. in class 60 MCQs - 3 short answers 15 percent short answer ques. and 15 % MCQ Final exam - cumulative lot of details short answers in cumulative exam would be from later lectures after midterm 1 attention lec no reading. motivate yourself and explain concepts to others. repeat and condense your cheat sheets psychophysics for testing e.g. MCAT and GMAT and LSAT. Philosophy Plato - reality dependent on perceptions about the world - reality based on what we can perceive. senses for survival Plants have behavior Primitive sensory motor develop for plant to survive. - sense - vibration of flying of fly - close system some not impt. that's ok bec,.it is need to survive. process info. will be develop or not. he is not able to see but have very good ear - but have echolocation perception depends on channels and our selves we have experience - adaptation perception systems designed to pick up changes not events that just there e.g. of adaptation picture with 2 halves look in plus sign then see no two color - happening in retina - more cones - left visual field is blue - adapted to blue - slighlty reduced - right side also slightly reduced and color balance. adaptation happening at bery early sensational stage look at people on right side and see the middle face - see male face but if look at female face then you see female. Fusiform face - high level face area- face perception works. bias perception - cognitive thing big ears picture - mouse/man Democritus - the laughing philosopher came up with concept of atom what we see is what we get unlike plato allegory of the cave. senses true is olfaction not sensory main theme - sensory transduction - Perception = physcial attraction bet. world and our bodies sensation is more of mechanistic aspect of how physical energy transduce into signals. perception is more of cognitive aspect transduce env. to neural activity born with Nativism - Plato 2000 later - descartes Descartes - mind is born with this ideas. Nativism goes together with dualism. something we cannot know from experience – Nativism problem of dualism view is that mind independent of matter then tough to measure difference bet. the two. if it is separate then how can it interact with each other. Parsimony - best explanation everything can be taught mind produce with function of the brain monism as opposed with dualism materialism - no soul how can be born and know things unless you experience that – Empiricism learned through senses and form of memory- Decayed sensations everything is perception no sensation locke - tabularasa = clean - as we experience things we learn nativism - born with knowledge or empiricism not all can be explained by behaviorism empiricism - not all even you can learn - how is it possible to be nativist - Genes. Materialism - Darwin - how isit possible that we have consciousness /mind fechner - Panpyshcism - matter has consciousness Fechner philosophy is motivation rented a lot of psychophysics terms how mind works - making conection Psychophysics - something in world must relate in mind and describe it in mathematical terms Weber physiologist - somatosensory wts. - touch - coleague of fechner. pt. if wt. is different atleast to percieve if it is heavier or light 40 and 41 g. difference is 1 gram - can be quantified in intensity - i.e. wt. difference is 10 grams 4-- and 410 same proportion - 1 g and 10 g. nearly constant - difference in intensity 1 or 10 1/40 or 10/400 constant and stays effect - Weber Fraction why do we care change in wt. change in perception - this is how we notice that there is a change - key element in sense of reality - to understand how sensation and perception works - JND - 1 gram e.g 2 point tr - minimum distance which two stimuli can be distinguished e.g. 2 pencils have to be further apart at the back - receptors a lot in hands inside not in outside and lips not in back. in brain hands larger than back bec., of receptors/senses in back Fechner’s law chart quantify physics as you do perceive them 0 - see to perceive something if no photon in light - 0 - not true able to see single photon but tough - still there curve lower and hit horizontal light later - absolute tr- no perception anymore physical stimulus intensity - light - dim it or not. increase luminous go along hosrizontal axis magnitude estimation - assign a number able to count or quantify things if you increase the physical energy inclined to go up to 10 as physical energy inc. you have to inc . moreincrease more not sure anymore - cause not see anything anymoree - might be 50% correct bec. not see light but there could be light. Method of Constant Stimuli another curve for psychophysics psychometric function - prop. of seeing yes i saw something different loudness in horizontal axis - different line - diff.kind of intensity - different stimuli: be it sound or light can you modulate sound - 0 or 1 - count it and in terms of %ages as things become louder - response go up less loud things go down less likely to say somthing hit at some pt - not go below 0 or higher than 100 S-Shaped curve- ceiling effect or floor effect lot of reasons why hear something or not. - pscyhometric functions - increase 1 dimension automatically Quantify a curve or your ability -that predict success difficulty with
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