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Matthias Niemeier

ANTECEDENT CONTROL PROCEDURES + LEC 16 -waters and colleagues did experiment on 2 autistic kids, baseline was visual sc hedules (had 2 take a card w/ picture of action, they had 2 take this picture 2 where they wer suppsed 2), they were still very disobedien t so tokens were implemented 2 provide motivation -person trained to respond to aggression in experiment was told to not react to the aggression, but to integrate it, altogether, visual schedules weren't enough transferring from preferred to non-preferred so DRO sch edules and extinction were used w/ tokens -engaging in something for a specific amount of time before reinforcement (prema ck principle) -response effort (taking away reinforcer eg. hiding remote so cant watch tv) -AC(antecedent) procedures: antecedent stimuli are manipulated to evoke a desira ble response to make competing undesirable behvr less likely (basically manipulating physical or social environment) -they're based on functional assessment info and alter environment in advance of target behvr, its one of 3 functional nonaversive interventions, they address antecedents rather than consequences but do address consequences indirectly thru manipulation of establishing operations -before using AC procedures, u need 2 analyze 3 term contingency for desirable b ehvr, and identify competing behvrs that mite interfere -extinction, differential reinforcement, and AC procedures are 3 contingency met hods -ACPs increase probability of desirable behvr, by first presenting discrim stimu lus for desirable behvr, present establishing operations second, and 3rd, decrease response effort 4 desirable behvr -when stimulus control is done w/ presence of discrim stimulus, cues serve as pr ompts or reminders (eg. in nursing home wher no one talks, get ppl similar 2 each other 2 sit next 2 each other), (eg. u dont
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