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Lecture 3

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George Cree

Memory and CognitionLecture 3attention2 key pointsa processenhances some information and inhibits other informationto pay attention to something you focus on something and ignore distractionswhen attention failsfailures of selection in spaceflicker paradigmtakes a while to realize a change in an imageimage of airplane circle under wing comes and goesimage of couple bar behind them switches from up to downchange in a movie sequenceperson changechange blindnessinterpreted as being due to a failure to pay attention to detailsEvidence for this comes from the fact that participants are faster to detect the change if they receive a cue as to where the change will occurvideoactor gets up form desk to answer phone but in the process the actor changes and the clothes change toowere blind to our own change blindnessvisual attentioneye will move to important aspects of image content people etcfailures of selection in timerepetition blindness and the attentional blinkhaving the word the repeated tw
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