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Memory and CognitionLecture 1 MovieWhat did cognitive scientists bring back to psychology that behaviourists removed o The focus of cognitionThe idea of mental abstractFocused clearly on behaviours not thoughtsWhat is the information processing approach to studying the mind and why was it considered a theoretical advance o Language comes from the field of mental processing the communications theory o Computer metaphor became an important way of understanding how the mind worksHardwarehow everything is structured together brainSoftwareinputsoutputs mindWhats the difference between a symbolic model and mathematical model o SymbolicA broader spectrumSymbols are units fed into the system and manipulated y Units can take different forms letterswords and then manipulated according to some set of words Then theres output o MathematicalTrying to find an equation that describes how people perform a certain taskEx yx2cy This equation can be to describe how people read Cognitive psychologyDefined as the study of the mind that we can understand well enough to have a computer metaphorCognitive revolution o The field hasnt been around for a long time o 1967 is the birthday of cognitive psychology o Cherry attention experimentYoure in a room with a lot of people and youre talking to 1 person You happen to hear that one person over everyone else talkingIf someone in another conversation mentions your name you notice it Skinner proposed that people learn language by learning associations between pairs of words o He says its a mechanism for learning grammarChomsky o Said that language cant be learned through associations the cognitive revolution was a time through which all of psychology accepted that it was important to talk about mental constructs
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